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Trisha Yearwood Gets Cookin’ At Food Festival

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What is there not to love about Trisha Yearwood? The gal just seems so refreshingly normal, despite the fact that her life is anything but ordinary (I won't mention her arsenal of career accomplishments...nor whom she is married to). Case in point: Her latest appearance this weekend, which according to the Wall Street Journal did not involve a stadium or a guitar. Rather, a bowl and spoon, as she whipped up a tasty carrot cake for a group of fans at the New York Wine & Food Festival.

Yearwood's no stranger to the kitchen, although she cautioned at the festival, "I'm not a chef. I'm a cook." She's written two cookbooks (including the one pictured here), says she loves Paula Deen, and does lots of kitchen duty while at home in Oklahoma helping to raise her husband's three children.

Still--being, well, rather famous for her other career, she took some time to answer a few music-related questions from the audience. Who is she listening to these days? Miranda Lambert--"She has a great voice." She also admitted to seeing Beyonce in concert with her stepdaughters.

For her own future plans, Yearwood speculated on possibly making an album with her husband, or perhaps moving to New York and appearing in a Broadway show. But don't get too excited just yet--these dreams probably won't come true for quite a few years at best. "Weve just got to figure out when the timing is right," she said.

One thing Yearwood refused to do at the festival--perform any tunes. "I'm not the singing cookbook lady," she deadpanned.

Oh, okay, so as long as I'm here, I will go ahead and mention who Yearwood is married to. Garth Brooks, of course, whom I mention for the mere purpose of bringing up the fun fact that, according to Yearwood, he's no great shakes in the kitchen. His preferred cooking method? "Just adding something until it looks right."

We'll take your word for it and stick with your carrot cake (which, according to the WSJ, turned out great). Keep on cookin', Ms. Trish! 

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