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20,000 Country Fans Shout Out to Randy Travis

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Randy Travis is still in serious condition at a Texas hospital, as he recovers from the surgery he underwent last Wednesday to treat a stroke. However, if country fans have their way, he'd hear them cheering for him all the way from the East Coast.

Proof positive? This uplifting video from Countryfest 2013, which features the crowd of 20,000+ chanting "Randy! Randy! Randy!" at the event, which was held at New York's Schaghticoke Fairgrounds Saturday.

Travis's camp was so moved by the video, they posted it to his official website with a note of thanks to the dedicated fans. At last report, Travis was under sedation following his operation, so he probably hasn't seen this clip yet. However, we're sure that when he does, it will certainly aid in his recovery!

Travis entered the Texas hospital last Sunday for heart issues and remained in critical condition all week. He received an assistive heart device and was ultimately transferred to a nearby facility for further, more intensive care. Upon having a stroke Wednesday, he was operated on to relieve pressure on his brain. His friends, family, and medical team have thanked well-wishers for their thoughts and prayers.

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