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Two Strangers Help Disabled Blake Shelton Fan See His Hero

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Blake Shelton and fan Patrick Connelly {Photo via Fox 4 Kansas City}

A mom and her son from Kansas City are glowing with gratitude for a random and unexpected act of kindness they received late last month while attending a country concert in their area.

Patrick Connelly, a physically and mentally challenged country-music fan who is confined to a wheelchair, was excited to see his hero, Blake Shelton, in concert. However, when he got to the packed outdoor show, he realized he couldn't see the stage from his seated position--all he could see were the legs of the crowd in front of him.

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Two unnamed men give Connelly a boost

Distraught, Connelly began to cry. His mom and sister attempted to hoist him up, but he was too heavy for them to hold for very long.

Suddenly, two men in the audience came out of nowhere and offered to give Connelly a boost. Despite the 100-degree heat, they held him up for about 20 minutes, allowing him to see his favorite singer perform.

The two good Samaritans--who didn't identify themselves to the family--even managed to get Connelly up to the front where he could easily view the rest of the show.

"I can't say how grateful I am for those two guys," Connelly's mom told local news station KMBC, with a quaver in her voice. "It's just so refreshing to see somebody cared enough...it just meant the world to Patrick."

"It's something we'll never, ever forget," she added. "It's frozen in my mind."

Shelton himself heard of the incident and invited Connelly backstage after the performance. The Connellys still don't know who the kind strangers were, but hope that the media attention around the story will allow them to express their heartfelt thanks.

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