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Underwood Kicks Off Late Show’s “Country Music Week”; Gets Blasted By George Jones

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This is quite the TV-viewing period for country music fans--not only is Taylor Swift making her much-anticipated hosting debut on Saturday Night Live this weekend, honorary good ol' boy David Letterman's hosting a triad of the biggest names in the biz all week long on The Late Show.

The program's "Country Music Week" kicked off with an appearance from Carrie Underwood last night--the singer performed in a sexy short sequined dress and high boots, and touted her new album "Play On" which was just released today.

Tonight, Letterman will hang with Brad Paisley, and then Keith Urban on Thursday night (the critically acclaimed Ryan Bingham and bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley round out the week). Howsabout we all reconvene here on Saturday to judge who "brang it" the best? I'm laying my bet on Carrie, who is looking and delivering mighty hot these days and will be hard to top for sheer visuals and overall drama.

That said, one person who probably isn't too swayed by Carrie's short hemlines is Country Music Hall of Famer George Jones, who just made the news for stating that Carrie (as well as Taylor and other newer genre lights) is responsible for "stealing the identity" of country music.

"They had to use something that was established already, and that's traditional country music," the 78-year-old Jones said in an interview with the Associated Press. "What they need to do really, I think, is find their own title, because they're definitely not traditional country music."

Who does Jones put his stamp of approval on? Alan Jackson and George Strait. Aw, maaaan--a tad chauvinist of him, no?

But, let Carrie fans get too upset, Jones seems to lean conservative musically in general, calling rap "tacky" and complaining "how can you call that music?"

Better not get Kanye West up on a stage with him, eh? (Or, hey--perhaps that would be kind of fun.)

What do you all think? Is Carrie's type of country music a blight on or a boost to the genre? Check out her performance of "Cowboy Casanova" on The Late Show, and let's discuss.

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