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Viva Reba!

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Hooray! The great Reba McEntire's new album, Keep On Loving You, is out! When I first heard the single "Strange"--a total kick-butt, girl-power "I Will Survive" for the 21st century, I knew this was going to be a killer record overall.

I'm of course not the only one who's excited for this album. Reba's been active in the online world, commandeering a fleet of "Tweebas" (the best Twitter-fan term I've heard in a while), commenting on Blake Shelton's nasty tweets, and generally keeping fans up-to-date on her life.

The only disappointment I personally have with Reba right now, is that she needs to revive her sitcom career (yeah--I'm a closet addict to reruns of her show). C'mon, Reba, grab Melissa Peterman off the Singing Bee...find some Disney-channel wunderkind to play Elizabeth...and give us Reba: The Post Survivor Years. I'm serious, girl!

Here's an exclusive video interview with Reba, in which she discusses Kelly Clarkson 's influence (Kelly has to just love the vibe of "Strange," don't you think?), song and video production, and the overall 'tude behind her new record. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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