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Take A Walk Down Memory Lane: Brad Paisley

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Brad Paisley, who's nominated for entertainer and male vocalist of the year at Sunday's Academy of Country Music Awards, has no doubt been used to the perks of stardom for quite some time now.

However, a decade ago when his career was just taking off, he admitted to one advantage of fame that changed his life completely.

What would that advantage be? Well, it's pretty safe to say that any old average Joe out there wouldn't be able to call up a beautiful girl out of the blue, cast her in a music video, and eventually make her his wife.

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Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley

That's of course exactly what Paisley did, though, after seeing a memorable film in 1995. The movie that captured his interest, Father Of The Bride Part II, remained on his mind for several years, and he even titled a song and his 2001 album Part II after it.

Something else that stuck in his head was the lead actress--Kimberly Williams. More than five years after seeing her in the movie, Paisley decided to see if she'd appear in the video for his hit single at the time, "I'm Gonna Miss Her."

Hey, why not, right?

Williams did agree to appear in the clip--a funny tale of a guy whose obsession with fishing drives his girlfriend to exasperation--much to Paisley's delight. "When I called, I definitely had other motives," he admitted to the Washington Post in 2005.

If you've never seen the original video Paisley used to hook Williams on his line, have a look now. Is it just us, or does he have a bit of a glint in his eye?!

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The little trick Paisley pulled off back then turned out to be one of his savviest moves yet. Paisley and Williams hit it off immediately, and wed in 2003--marking almost a decade of married bliss. To round out their starstruck story, the happy couple are also parents to two young sons: 5-year-old Huck and nearly 3-year-old Jasper.

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