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Welcome to NashVegas!

Our Country

Welcome to the inaugural entry of Yahoo! Music's brand-new Country blog!

For the past nearly five years I've been behind the scenes keeping up with everything Nashville-related for our Country fans--making sure you see the latest hot video first, are introduced to the newest stars-in-the-making first, listening to the freshest singles on our Country stations--you get the idea.

Anyway, while getting in up to my elbows with Country music every day, I've gotten a lot of insight on and formed a lot of opinions about the crazy scene that some call "NashVegas." And I'm thrilled to be able to chat about it, because it's by far my favorite place to hang out.

This is going to be a space where we'll let it all fly, and talk some serious Country business. Well, who'm I kidding--some not-so-serious stuff, too. From who plays the best guitar, to who made the best video of the year, to who wore the glitziest dress at the CMA Awards, to who broke up with whom and is dating yougottabekiddingme?! (You know our Country celebs excel at those kinds of things, as well as making stellar music and establishing the most loyal fanbases around.)

It's a pleasure to come forth and start talking all Country, all the time--and hearing your opinions on the country music scene, too.

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