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Who Is Country’s Sexiest Dude?

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Those folks over at Country Weekly--all they can think about is sex, dadgumit! Back in June, we drooled over (Mr. King Country Twitterman) Blake Shelton on the cover of their "All-Time Sexiest" issue. Now, it's time to vote for YOUR choice to win the title of "Country's Sexiest Man 2009."

Last year, fans voted in Trace Adkins as the 2008 winner. This year, there's an impressive selection of more than 50 dudes to cast your vote for (you can even write in a name, if you feel they forgot someone; which is kind of unlikely since the selection pretty much runs the gamut, as you'll see--keep reading).

I had a bit of a chuckle looking over the list of votable "hotties." Some of them didn't really fit the mold. Now don't get me wrong--these guys are ALL fantastic musicians, and I would not call any of them, like, Quasimodo, or anything. I just don't see some of them as exactly being heartthrob material.

Let me better illustrate the point.

I can list quickly my picks for probable winners:

Josh Turner: Tall, dark, and deep-voiced.

Keith Urban: McDreamy.

Dierks Bentley: Bad boy.

Jason Aldean: Another bad boy.

Billy Currington: Makes shirtless videos.

Kenny Chesney: Takes shirtless photos and is generally suggestive of drinking beer and partying and other pleasant stuff.

Tim McGraw: Classic favorite.

George Strait: Fine wine.

And of course, BLAAAAAKE.

That said. I can also quickly list the ones I am pretty sure aren't going to place.

Troy Gentry: Dude, he shot a bear.

Darius Rucker: Great guy, but dude, he's Hootie.

Billy Ray Cyrus: Great guy, but dude, he's, like, Miley's DAD.

Zac Brown: Part of the reason this guy is so cool is because he is not all-time sexiest material.

Jamey Johnson: Ditto above.

Kix Brooks: No. (Not Ronnie either, sorry.)

Aaron Tippin: No.

Tracy Lawrence: No.

Vince Gill--Okay, I'll stop now.

Feel free to disagree with me on any of these, and let me know who you think will be the best pick for Country's Sexiest Man 2009! (This should be lots of fun!)

You can vote in the actual Country Weekly poll until 9/14, and they'll be revealing the results in their 10/26 issue.

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