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Who Says You Can’t Go Home? Not Luke Bryan!

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Who says you can't go home? Well, Bon Jovi did, a few years ago--but more recently, it's Luke Bryan who's singing this tune. Last week, he not only released a new record (Doin' My Thing)--he also made a visit to both his old high school campus and college town.

The reason for the college visit on Oct. 5 was, true to collegiate form, philanthropic--Bryan was embarking on his inaugural Farm Tour, an idea he'd been brewing for a while as a way to give back to the rural farming community he grew up in. The show took place on a farm near Bryan's alma mater, Georgia Southern University, with money raised from the show earmarked for a scholarship fund.

Bryan explained that Georgia Southern's locale, Statesboro, was the perfect spot to launch the tour. "There wasn't a better place than where I went to college. So many fun memories there!"

All fine and well, but what about the show the following night, where Bryan went even further back in history and hit the football stadium at Lee County High School, where he was a student years ago? Some might call that brave; others crazy.

Bryan just thinks it's a lot of fun. No fear of running into bitter ex-girlfriends or evil teachers from the past--he just calls the whole thing "a blast."

"I have wanted to come home and do a show for the past few years," he noted. "And, then we did a contest where people could vote to have me play in their town--and my hometown won. I couldn't believe my town won out of everyone!"

Apparently it's not such a huge mystery--Bryan seemed to have had a great time in high school. "I just did my own thing"--hey! Just like his album, right?!--"but always had good times and good friends."

You may remember from several months ago our exclusive Viva NashVegas revelation that Luke Bryan perfected the moonwalk in junior high. Here's another one for your Bryan fact-file: His favorite subjects in high school were theater and English. We get you all the dirt, folks.

Check out Luke's new tunes and, if you're in the midwest, try to hit his Chicago or Minneapolis shows next week!

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