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Why Billy Ray And Trace Cyrus’s UFO Show Might Just Be A Hit

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Billy Ray Cyrus is taking all sorts of interesting twists and turns these days. Not only did he dip his toes into the world of rock n' roll (with his new band Brother Clyde) this year, he's now teaming up with yet another one of his kids for a new television role.

Billy Ray and his son Trace have signed a deal to star in a reality series for the SyFy Network called UFO: Unbelievably Freakin' Obvious. The show will feature the father-and-son duo traveling around the country to investigate paranormal incidents, conspiracy theories, and general unexplained activity.

Billy Ray says he and his son have long been interested in the weird and eerie. "The existence of paranormal phenomena is something I've always wanted to explore further," he explained. "Getting the opportunity to take this adventure with my son, who has always had a keen interest in this area, is a dream come true."

I'm not too surprised at this latest endeavor for the Cyrus clan, and I'm willing to bet the show--zany a premise as it sounds--will be successful. Why's that?

Like them or not, Billy Ray and his crew are quite the multifaceted bunch of performers. It's pretty hard to find a family these days to equal them, in terms of sheer staying power in the entertainment world. Of course, we have Miley Cyrus--who, despite much acting to the contrary, is herself a competent multiformat musician--as the family's standout example, but let's just take a quick look at Billy Ray and his son's track records on their own.  

It's easy to take potshots at Billy Ray--the guy had a persona and a look and a catchy single that all were easy to remember and even easier to find humorously dated, pretty quickly. I mean, hell, he even made fun of himself with the tune "I Want My Mullet Back." But, let's not forget the facts. He sold more than 25 million albums, and charted nearly 30 singles, including 15 Top 40 hits. His debut album, Some Gave All, is the only album, from any genre, in SoundScan history to log 17 consecutive weeks at No. 1. It's also the top-ranking debut album by a male country artist. The album logged 43 weeks in the top 10--a feat that one country artist alone, Garth Brooks, has topped.

And, furthermore, Billy Ray is well-known not only for his phenomenal success in the country music world, but also for that most elusive of prizes: A consistent acting career. Most visibly, of course, his role on daughter Miley's wildly popular Disney show, Hannah Montana, which recently wrapped its fourth and final season. But before Hannah, he starred in the PAX TV series Doc, which had a loyal following. He also took a turn on the fourth season of Dancing With The Stars in 2007 (and was not eliminated immediately--in fact, hung in for a decent period), as well as hosting country-music star search endeavor Nashville Star during its first season on new (and major) network NBC.

Now, for Trace. If you're not familiar with Trace Cyrus, he's yet another member of the Cyrus clan who seems to be at home in the realm of general performance. Although he's not a Cyrus by birth--he was adopted by Billy Ray in early childhood--Trace and his actress/musician younger sister Miley share the same biological mom. At 21 years old, he's already been in two bands--Metro Station, which managed to produce a Top 10 hit in its short existence, and currently the new rock outfit Ashland HIGH. For those who choose to take Trace's pop-rock endeavors not so seriously, I'll point out that he's a rounded songwriter who co-wrote a country tune for his dad's 2006 album, on which George Jones and Loretta Lynn collaborated. Not all that bad for a kid who's barely old enough to graduate college.

Little sis Miley herself heaped admiring praise on her brother in her autobiography Miles To Go: "He doesn't worry what anybody thinks of him. Trace is super rock 'n' roll...if I had to categorize our family, I'd say he's the one who's the most like me. Or," she amended, "I guess I'm most like him, since he's the older one."

So, whatever anyone has to say about the Cyruses, I'm not gonna be one to dismiss them lightly. Sure, they've been oversaturated and even annoying at times. But they stick around, they keep dishing it out, and they keep managing to get paid to do it in various formats. I'll be surprised if the new UFO show flops--honest, I will.

Are you interested in seeing Billy Ray pair up on the small screen with yet another one of his offspring? Be sure to let me know what you think.

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