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Willie Nelson Forms The ‘Teapot Party’

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Leave it to Willie Nelson--he sure knows how to take a hit.

The 77-year-old legend was arrested and charged with marijuana possession on Friday while driving through Texas on his way to his ranch in Austin--but he's using this incident to spark a bit of activism dear to his heart.

Nelson, a longtime advocate of marijuana legalization, took action just two days after his arrest by creating a Facebook page devoted to this cause.

The page, titled "Willie Nelson's Teapot Party"--which is, of course, a humorous wordplay riffing off the famous conservative movement--is apparently a call to band together legalization supporters everywhere.

"Our motto: We lean a little to the left," it states. "Tax it, regulate it and legalize it."

Longtime fans of Nelson know these views are nothing new. Nelson has spoken openly about his views on marijuana to many mainstream outlets over the years. "Legalize weed. It's 50% of what's causing the problems along the border with the drug cartels," he told Parade magazine in June. And, in April, he infamously admitted to talk-show host Larry King that he'd smoked pot before appearing on the program.

Nelson says he strongly opposes the use of harder drugs and has personally cut down on alcohol. His oldest son, who struggled with substance abuse, committed suicide in 1991--a tragedy that Nelson told Parade was the worst in his life.

It appears that the singer's position on pot has considerable sympathy. Only one day after its creation, Nelson's page already has more than 11,000 supporters, and is peppered with comments such as "Willie for president!" and "Finally a party I can support with 100% enthusiasm!"

Nelson's brush with the law on Friday was fairly brief--he was released after posting a $2500 bond--but he may face jail time for his transgression. A court date has not been set, and he is expected to continue on his current tour, which extends into 2011.

Where do you stand regarding Willie's new "party"? Do you agree or disagree with his views? Be sure to let me know what you think.

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