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Woo-Eee, Miss Carrie!

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Whew, let's change Carrie Underwood's name to Carrie Underwear! At least for her new smoldering video for the hit "Cowboy Casanova," which leaked today (we weren't supposed to see it for another few days).

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The American Idol and all-around country sweetheart does an about-face imagewise--kind of like Sandy from Grease--and presents an unabashedly revealing front for her new clip, donning hot-hotpants and a flesh colored bustier among other sexy looks. (In other words--kind of the opposite of that massive red dress she wore at the ACM Awards earlier this year.) She's channeling a Madonna-esque vibe--a touch of goth, lots of lace, long toned limbs, and an overall ballsy confidence.

The big question. Does it work? I mean, we're talking nice little Carrie, here. She may make jokes about "lucky boots" to Matthew McConaughey, and all, but she's our good girl overall.

The answer: Yes, it really does.

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First of all--this is a big "DUH"--she looks great. She's gorgeous, in perfect shape, and having no problems whatsoever carrying off a sexpot image.

Second of all, "Cowboy Casanova" is a bit of a toothy little tune in and of itself, with a lot of rock and a lot of swagger, and Carrie's decision to go full-on with the dark vibe of the song is a good one.

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She may sing about a "snake with blue eyes" who "only comes out at night"--but (much like her attitude in "Before He Cheats") one gets the idea that Carrie's going to be able to hold her own.

Ironically, a rough cut of the audio single was leaked online, too--resulting in the song going to radio almost a week before its planned release. It's the fastest-rising chart single of her entire career. "Cowboy Casanova" is the lead single from Carrie's upcoming third album, Play On, which hits the streets November 3.

The whole video is popping up in random places around the web--have a look at it now, here.

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