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Wynonna Judd and Husband Cactus Moser Talk About the Aftermath of Near-Fatal Motorcycle Crash

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Wynonna Judd and Michael Scott 'Cactus' Moser attend the 60th Annual BMI Country Awards at BMI on October 30,  …

Wynonna Judd and husband Cactus Moser spoke with Us Weekly about the motorcycle crash that nearly killed Moser and about how their relationship has changed and grown since that fateful day in August, 2012.

In the extensive interview, Judd and Moser open up about the accident that changed both their lives--just two months after their wedding. While the couple were out riding together on separate bikes, Moser's borrowed motorcycle didn't turn properly and the 55-year-old drummer collided with an oncoming car. "I remember standing over Cactus, wondering whether he was alive or not," Judd recalls in the new issue of Us Weekly. "I kept saying to myself, 'Be calm, be calm.' When I realized he was still alive, I noticed the leg was gone. I saw remnants of it, um, all over the highway. I just stood there, trying to make sense of it all."

Moser's hand was shattered and his left leg was severed from his body. Fortunately an off-duty EMT happened across the scene of the accident. He called for a helicopter and Moser was rushed to a local hospital.

Moser's condition was grave, but over the course of a year, he has continued to recover, thanks in large part to the support of his wife. Moser told Us Weekly, "She (Wynonna) had to do everything for me. My left hand was useless, and my left leg was gone. I'm a drummer, so I was more worried about my hand."

Judd said she became his 24 hour nurse. "There are days I wake up and cry and say to myself, 'I just want to go back to a regular day when I don't have to clean the leg and be a nurse.'"

Moser echoed the sentiment. "Sometimes I'm like, 'Can't we have a day where it's not all about the leg?'"

Still, the couple is moving forward. Moser is getting a "hydraulic, computerized leg" that costs $90,000. And Judd is preparing for her turn on the upcoming season of "Dancing With the Stars." Judd told Us: "I feel guilty about leaving the house, but Cactus said, 'Honey, go. You have dedicated your life to me. You deserve to go out there and kick butt."

For the full interview, pick up the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.


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