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Zac Brown Band Offers A ‘Cool’ Valentine To Fans

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner--and even if your honey flakes out (hey, we suggested checking out the Faith Hill Collection flower bouquets earlier this week!), one of your fave bands wants to make sure you get a sweet surprise that morning.

The Zac Brown Band are premiering their brand-new video for "Colder Weather" on V-day--and, they want to make sure their "sweethearts" get to see it first. So, they're offering dibs to fans. All you have to do is visit the ZBB official site, sign up to the special list, and you'll get the video as a Valentine's present on Monday (it'll be ready at 11 a.m. ET).

As a little bonus, you can see a short preview of "Colder Weather" immediately after registering for the video list. I checked it out, and sure enough...as one might expect, it involves a lot of snow. But that's all I will reveal. Go see for yourselves! Here's a pic from the video shoot, as well.

Valentine's Day Eve should prove to be quite sweet for the ZBB boys, as well as the actual holiday. They'll be at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, of course, crossing fingers to win any or all of the four awards they are up for (including country album of the year!). Zac Brown will also be a presenter at the ceremonies. The Grammy Awards will be airing on CBS February 13 at 8 p.m. ET.

Will you be rooting for the ZBB at the Grammys? Be sure to let me know--and also, tell me what you think of the new video, once you see it next week! Happy Valentine's Day!

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