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Zac Brown Band Prepare For Huge Sales Week With ‘Uncaged’

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Zac Brown Band {Photo: Alexandra Wyman}

If you're a fan of the Zac Brown Band, I hate to break it to you--but you're far from alone. Despite the band's ability to convey an unpretentious family feel with its shows and fanbase, there's actually quite a massive crowd of you lovers out there.

Okay, okay. I'm sure you probably have realized by now that all things ZBB are doing quite well these days, but sometimes it's a bit surprising (and fun) to consider just how well. According to Yahoo! Music's Paul Grein, who writes our Chart Watch blog keeping tabs on the sales of all your musical favorites--the ZBB's third album, Uncaged, will debut at No. 1 on the all-genre albums chart next week with sales in the 210K range.

To give you a bit of a gauge for this information, this week's No. 1 album is R&B star Chris Brown's Fortune, which debuted with 135K copies sold.

Another interesting way to look at the ZBB's projected over-200 range is to consider the biggest first-week debut of the year so far, pop sensation Justin Bieber's Believe, which sold 374K. The week of Bieber's debut was also Kenny Chesney's entry for his eagerly anticipated Welcome To The Fishbowl)--which ended up moving 193K.

Pretty fascinating numbers to bump around. However, all of this is probably so much a bunch of chicken grease to most fans of the band, who just love ZBB and the new album for its brilliant mix of genres--including, of course, some of the countriest country currently available.

Also, who couldn't love a band who--despite being bona fide superstars at this point--done got themselves animated by Beavis And Butthead creator Mike Judge, for latest video "The Wind"?...Check it out for yourselves, you can watch HERE.

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