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A Joy-ous Occasion: ‘Idol’ Finalist Megan Preps Debut Album, Releases New Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

It's been waaaaay too long a comin', but finally, Season 8 "American Idol" contestant Megan Joy--she of the "Rockin' Robin" birdcall, sleeve tattoo, and all-around awesome attitude, baby, attitude--is finally prepping her post-"Idol" debut album.

So far the whimsical ballads I've heard from Megan over the past year, like "Incomplete" and "Sweet Love," have been very impressive, revealing a depth of talent and sophistication her 2009 "Idol" performances barely hinted at. And now I'm digging her latest video, "Two Rivers," out this week. What a Joyous occasion!

Watch it below, along with a cute personal shoutout from Megan to her very patient fans. Get that album out already, Megan!

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