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A Shot Of Tila Tequila: Bottoms Up!

Lyndsey Parker
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The erotic art of striptease has been showcased in numerous tasteful music videos over the years. Along with Flashdance (which was basically a 90-minute music video) and Carmen Electra's various strippercize fitness DVDs, classic shortform vids like Madonna's "Open Your Heart," Motley Crue's "Girls Girls Girls," Britney Spears' "Gimme More," T-Pain's "I'm In Love With A Stripper," and the White Stripes' "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" (featuring pole-thin pole-dancer Kate Moss) all spring to mind.

But no single recording artist has ever elevated the time-honored stripper-video artform to such a lofty level as has MySpace cewebrity and A Shot At Love reality starlet Tila Tequila, with her brand-spanking-new skinematic offering, "Stripper Friends." Hey girl hey, indeed.

Filmed at the world-infamous Hollywood nudie joint Crazy Girls (a place where a crazy girl like Miss Tequila surely feels right at home), "Stripper Friends" is perhaps THE most literal video interpretation of a song ever, as it unsurprisingly depicts reality television's most beloved bi-curious bachelorette and her scantily clad party pals writhing around poles, atop each other's laps, and amid piles of dirty dollar bills. Surely A Shot Of Love runner-up Dani's grandma, who was lucky enough to receive a lapdance from Tila on that show's family-visitation episode, would lustily approve.

Of course, it's doubtful that Tila's supposed Shot At Love boyfriend Bobby would approve of "Stripper Friends," which--along with all the lap- and pole-dancing and a titillating (pun intended) but completely superfluous catfight scene--also features Tila sucking face in an alley with some greaseball who looks like Domenico's evil twin.

But it probably doesn't matter what Bobby thinks, since it's unlikely he's even seen Tila since the Shot At Love reunion taping last year. After all, if Bobby and Tila's reality romance actually became reality, then how would Tila be able to justify starring in A Shot At Love 2, right? So this is probably the closest Bobby will come to seeing his fake girlfriend in the (ahem) flesh any time soon.

As for the song...well, it's pretty decent. Yes, unlike Heidi Montag's "Higher," Tila's video might even be enjoyed without the aid of a mute button! However, the reason for its relative listenability is it's basically a note-for-note remake of the once-credible R&B jam "We All Want" by Kevin Michael and Lupe Fiasco.

As for Tila's singing...well, she's ever so slightly better than Heidi Montag, but she's no Kevin Michael or Lupe Fiasco. She's more of just a straight-up fiasco.

Anyway, watch the "Stripper Friends" video below and see if the music industry should give Tila Tequila a shot:

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