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Ace Young: He Will, He Will…Rock You

Lyndsey Parker
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Some people may feel sorry for poor, poor Brett Asa Young...or "Ace," as he is more commonly known.

See, the season 5 American Idol also-ran is possibly most famous for nearly getting an asswhupping on national TV at the famous fleet-fingered hands of Queen axeman Brian May, who was none too thrilled with Ace's attempt to remake "We Will Rock You" as an R&B slow-jam. It was certainly a case of Queen beating the Ace that time around.

The seventh-place runner-up also gained notoriety this year when he returned to the Fox network on Bones, playing the rather undignified role of a karaoke singer who warbles Nickelback and later gets murdered. (Hey, he sang a Nickelback song--he had it coming!)

But yo, don't you feel too sorry for Ace. He ain't doing too shabbily. After all, the guy co-wrote the gibungous "It's Not Over" with former fellow finalist Chris Daughtry--meaning he not only made a massive chunk of change, but he got nominated for a friggin' Grammy.

So anyway, when Ace isn't relaxing on a giant pillowy pile of Daughtry and Bones royalty money, he still makes his own music. Wisely, he's sticking to originals nowadays, and staying the hell away from Queen covers.

Check out Ace's latest video, "Addicted," below....and get even more jealous of the man's good fortune as he beds/bathes with a supermodel and flaunts his glossy Men's Fitness-style biceps and perfect hair.

Who's laughing now, Brian May?

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