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Adam Lambert: First Queen, Now Quween!

Lyndsey Parker
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First, Adam Lambert was befriended by Queen. Now, he's being defended by Quween! This guy seems to have no problem making famous friends.

For those of you who do not know who Quween is, she is the possibly crazy but hopefully well-meaning L.A. woman who randomly and unsolicitedly came to Katharine McPhee's defense when Kat was swarmed by aggressive paparazzi a few weeks ago. Seeing the season 5 Idol in trouble, Quween jumped into action, seizing Kat by the hand and dragging her to the shelter of a nearby building.

Sure, it was a building that Katharine probably had had no intention of entering in the first place. And sure, Katharine probably wasn't in any real danger, and might have even welcomed the media attention given the somewhat lackluster state of her career. But trifling details like that didn't stop Quween from doing her self-appointed job.

Since then, Quween has become a media darling of sorts, keeping the Los Angeles streets safe for everyone from Miss Teen pageant winner Taylor Atkins to Cedric The Entertainer. She even starred in an amazing "Funny Or Die" faux commercial with Katharine McPhee herself, offering her vigilante-like bodyguard services to any celebrities on the "A through K" lists. (Watch the Quween/Kat skit here; it's easily the coolest thing McPhee has ever done.)

So today Quween was back on the scene, nobly helping another Idol first runner-up, Adam Lambert, fight his way through a pack of parking-lot paps and safely make it to his newly acquired Ford Fusion. Adam took the media attack in stride and even managed to laugh it off (none of that rumored "diva" behavior in this instance), but perhaps he was able to remain so calm because he knew he had Quween's protective services on his side:

I'd pay good money to see Adam tour with this Quween, really.

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