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Adam Lambert Goes “Gaga”: Breaking Collabo News

Lyndsey Parker
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It's been a flashy week for Adam Lambert newsflashes: the leakage of his 2012 theme "Time For Miracles"; the even leakier leakage of his lurid pictorial in November's Details magazine; the triple announcements that his first music video will run in movie theaters before Michael Jackson's This Is It screenings, that he will perform at the American Music Awards, and that he will appear on dang, it's all almost too much for a Glambert to handle, and almost too much for a blogger to keep up with. If he wasn't so glitteringly, interplanetarily fierce, I'd probably be sick of him by now.

But of course, I am not. I'm more siiiiiiick of him than actually sick, especially since the most recent tidbit of album-countdown Lambert news is perhaps the siiiiiiickest of all, and even more surprising and titillating than him getting cozy with some near-naked supermodel in a lad mag.

See, Adam has been working on his debut album (now officially titled For Your Entertainment and moved up to a Monday, November 23 release date) with, among others, Lady Gaga producer RedOne...and on Monday he revealed that he actually just collaborated with the one and only Lady Gaga herself in the studio.

On Monday evening, Adam thrillingly posted on Twitter, in triplicate:

Yes it's true: I spent yesterday in the studio w/ the insanely talented and creative Lady Gaga recording a song that she wrote! I love her.

Gaga wrote the song a while ago and she thought it would be a good fit for me. It's a solo track. I feel so honored and lucky to be asked.

Gaga just gets it, ya know?

Yes, that's right: The honorable Lord and Lady Gaga, holding court together, finally ruling the pop kingdom (as is their destiny, of course). The news of these two joining fierce forces makes my head spin so spastically, I practically need a neckbrace like the high-fashion one Lady Gaga wore in her "Paparazzi" video.

And if the (still-denied) rumors of a Gaga/Lambert tour ever prove to be true, someone's going to have to push me to that concert in the "Paparazzi"-video gilt wheelchair, I'll be so in shock.

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