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Adam Lambert: In Case You Missed Him!

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Perhaps not since DVRs across America cut off during the final minutes of the American Idol season 7 finale--just as Ryan Seacrest was announcing, "And the new American Idol is...DAVID..." --have Idol viewers been so up in arms over a TiVo snafu.

Audience favorite Adam Lambert was the final contestant to perform on the show last night--and while normally I'd call this the "pimp spot," the fact that many preprogrammed DVRs stopped recording before he sang on the overlong live taping didn't exactly put him at an advantage this week.

Or maybe it did help him, since it seems his performance of Tears For Fears' "Mad World" is all the rage on the Interweb this morning, with Idol fans frantically searching for the clip to see what they missed.

So in case you missed it--or you just want to watch it a second time because it was so freakin' awesome--I'm posting it here as a sort of public service:

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