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Adam Lambert Rocks ‘Project Runway’

Lyndsey Parker
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As Heidi Klum's "Project Runway" catchphrase goes, in fashion, one day you're in, the next day you're out. Unless, of course, you are Adam Lambert. Because Adam Lambert never goes out of style.

Adam, the ultimate Glamerican Idol, was a guest judge on "Project Runway's" rock 'n' roll-themed episode last night. And while at times he took a respectful backseat to main judges Nina Garcia (who later tweeted that she's a card-carrying Glambert) and Michael Kors (whose colorful comments seemed to especially amuse Adam), he offered much more constructive feedback than most useless "PR" judges, and he clearly took the job very seriously. And he certainly wasn't afraid to occasionally tear the contestants apart at the seams. (Honestly, very few of the designers had any idea how to make clothes for the hapless male rockers in the shaggy band the Sheepdogs, creating sad outfits that looked more like "1960s Hippie Dude" costumes from the Halloween Superstore than actual hip stagewear.)

Some of Adam's fierce fashion zingers included:

"This tunic is like, eighth-grade production of Hair."

"That shirt looks a little bit like upholstery fabric."

"To me, it looks like 'Scooby-Doo, where are you?'"

"It was Salvation Army, $5 bin."

Watch Adam's entire "Project Runway" guest spot below:

Overall, Adam did an excellent job here; he was a real natural, totally in his rock-meets-couture element. In fact, the "PR" contestants, even those that he most harshly critiqued, seemed to have nothing but glowing things to say about Adam's judging stint, as evidenced by the outtakes below:

While I'd hate for Glambert to ever abandon music, it's heartening to know that if this whole pop-superstar thing doesn't work out for him, he could always fall back on a career in reality-TV judging, or, even more intriguingly, maybe in fashion design, based on his star turn on "PR" this week.

Hey, I'd be proud to wear any piece of clothing with the label "ADAM LAMBERT" stamped across it. And I'm sure anything Adam might design would be a whole lot cooler than anything those poor Sheepdogs were forced to wear.

[photo courtesy of Lifetime]

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