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Adam Lambert: The Glam Nation Tour Backstage Interview

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Adam Lambert is known for his love of "playing dress-up," and on his first solo concert trek, this summer's Glam Nation Tour, he's been able to indulge his not-so-inner diva like never before, taking the stage resplendent in peacocky plumage, T. Rex top hats, venus-in-fur coats, leather, lace...and, as he did Tuesday, July 27 at his first of two homecoming shows in Southern California, bindhis. Lots and lots of bindhis. Yep, Gwen Stefani ain't got nothing on Glambert.

Glamming it up is obviously a crucial process of Adam's concert tour experience, so I was tickled glittery-pink to get a chance to interview the Glamerican Idol while he was actually undergoing his transformation in his makeup chair (a Reality Rocks--and Adam Lambert--first!). I mean, what better setting for his pre-show interview? There, in his dressing room at Costa Mesa's Pacific Coast Amphitheatre, I watched as--under the expert hands of "America's Next Top Model" makeup guru Sutan--Adam gradually morphed from his natural, minimally made-up day look to the kohl-eyed rhinestone-rocker-by-night we all know and love.

And, being a superb multi-tasker, Adam also managed to discuss his ever-evolving persona, his pre-performance rituals, Glam Nation audience behavior, and his upcoming second album (out in spring 2011!!), all while getting cosmetically spackled.

Watch now, and prepare to be dazzled:

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