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Adam Lambert To Audience Member: “Get Off Your Phone!”

Lyndsey Parker
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Adam Lambert was in New York City this past weekend on a four-day promotional spree that included a one-off club concert with fellow season 8 Idols Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta, a private Unplugged show for VH1, and an "I Heart Radio" concert for contest winners at Z100. As evidenced by these relaxed and more intimate gigs, he's certainly become more vocal onstage lately--and I'm not talking about his singing.

For instance, at Friday night's "Kradison" concert, Adam was quite the camp comedian--audaciously licking a fan's digital camera lens, cracking double-entendre jokes about a soundman who got a little too close, and even letting a couple grabby fans get REALLY close. At Saturday afternoon's VH1 show, he joked with the audience between songs, telling them it was a "Bloody Mary Concert" because he was hungover from the previous night's Kradison festivities. But it was at Monday's Z100 concert that Adam really let his post-American Idol sassy personality shine through, when he boldly scolded one distracted spectator who was inexplicably gabbing on her phone during the concert:

At this point it would have been awesome if Adam had segued into Lady Gaga's "Telephone," Madonna's "Hung Up," or Blondie's "Hangin' On The Telephone," but I think the audience member got his message loud and clear.

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