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Adam Lambert To Make It Werk On ‘Project Runway’

Lyndsey Parker
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This season of "Project Runway" has already brought the drama, drama, drama, what with Joshua M's wild mood swings, grumpy old man Bert's constant kvetching, and sad-sack Cecilia's breakdown, not to mention some oddly unglamorous challenges involving stilt-walkers, pet supplies, track-&-field races, and pajamas. But "PR" is about to get more dramatic, and waaaaay more fabulous, as next week's rock 'n' roll-themed episode will feature guest judging from that forever-fierce fashionisto, Adam Lambert. (Cue squeeing now.) I am hoping to see lots of glitter, leather, Skingraft shoulder-spikes, and, most of all, lots of unbridled commentary from Adam that'll make Tim Gunn's stern workroom critiques seem positively mousy.

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This isn't the first time Adam has offered his professional opinions in the fashion world: At the 2010 Grammys, he served as the red-carpet style commentator for "Entertaiment Tonight." (And he did NOT mince words when declaring the Grammy getup of another famous Lambert, country star Miranda's unfortunate "Little Mermaid meets Bed, Bath & Beyond" prom dress, the worst of the night.) In a new "Project Runway" preview clip, Adam describes one of the week's fashion don'ts as looking like something out of an "eighth-grade production of Hair," and hopefully that is just one of the many zingers he'll have to offer as he rubs stylish shoulders with fellow panelists Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, and Marie Claire's Nina Garcia. (The latter judge tweeted this week: "Who is excited about next week? Our guest judge is @adamlambert. LOVED him. Found him smart, handsome and talented." Of course she did.)

Along with "American Idol" runner-up Glambert, next week's "PR" episode will feature other talent-competition veterans of sorts: hirsute Canadian rockers the Sheepdogs, recent winners of Rolling Stone's "Choose The Cover" competition and thus the first unsigned act to grace the cover of the magazine. (They've since inked with Atlantic Records.) The aptly named Sheepdogs' shaggy style seems quite at odds with Adam's glam-alien look, so it'll be interesting to see how the guys are made over by the "PR" contestants, and whether Adam approves. If the finalists want to get on Adam's good side, they probably should stock up on sequins during next week's shopping trip at Mood.

Adam Lambert's "Project Runway" episode will air Thursday, September 22, on Lifetime!

["Project Runway" photo courtesy of Lifetime. Sheepdogs cover photo courtesy of Rolling Stone.]

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