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Adam Lambert’s Album Cover: Xanadu, Or A Xana-Don’t?

Lyndsey Parker
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Apparently Adam "Glamerican Idol" Lambert was not kidding when he told the press that his much-anticipated debut album, For Your Entertainment, would sound "as if a '70s time-capsule blasted off into space and you're watching it through a holographic filter." Because if one can judge an album by its holographic cover, that is EXACTLY what For Your Entertainment is going to sound like.

Adam's disco-fevered album artwork was revealed today, and it seriously could be mistaken for an alternate cover of the Xanadu soundtrack (that is an awesome thing in my opinion, by the way):

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Now, I adore this cover's absolutely fabulous retro vibe. (It looks so much like a beauty shot snapped by Andy Warhol in some glitter-dusted private party room at Studio 54, I can almost imagine Bianca Jagger riding a white horse in the background; what's not to like?) But it will be fascinating to see if such an androgynous android image goes over well with more mainstream record buyers (you know, the ones who are still trying to wrap their brains around the "shocking" fact that Adam dabbles in a bit of MAC from time to time).

Unfortunately, there might be many closed-minded (mostly hetero male) customers who'll be too embarrassed carry such a glamtastically Jobriathian album up to the cash register at Wal-Mart.

Their loss.

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