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Adler’s Appetite For Self-Destruction

Lyndsey Parker
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A few weeks ago, I wrote about former GNR drummer Steven Adler's star turn on the highly addictive (ahem) VH1 Celebreality show, Celebrity Rehab 2. Despite a couple of tempter tantrums and one drug-induced psychotic episode (not to mention holding the dubious honor of being KICKED OUT of Guns N' Roses in 1990), Steven still managed to be the most likable cast member on the entire show. I'd therefore been rooting for him since the season premiere.

But today--ironically the very morning after VH1 aired the Celebrity Rehab 2 finale, on which Steven received his graduation papers from Dr. Drew and made a pledge to transition into a sober-living facility (and appear on the upcoming sequel show, Sober House)--Steven was back in court again.

Today a Los Angeles court commissioner ordered Steven to return to rehab, which is the only way he'll be able to avoid doing prison time for a July 2008 arrest for felony drug possession.

You can watch Steven on the show (dressed in his perhaps far-too-appropriate "Highway To Hell" tee) discussing his fears of a post-rehab relapse, right HERE.

Guess Steven had good reason to be worried. I'm still worried about him myself, frankly.

Anyway, while I am very much looking forward to watching Sober House--which debuts January 15 and will star Steven Adler; his season 2 castmates Nikki McKibbin, Amber Smith, and Rodney King; season 1 alums Mary Carey and Shifty from Crazytown; and random basketcase Andy Dick--I know that Steven's story will sadly not end there.

In fact, I would hardly be surprised if, much like recurring Rehab characters Shifty and Jeff Conaway, he makes a tail-between-bowed-legs return to Celebrity Rehab 3.

And when he does, I'll still be rooting for him.

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