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Aerosmith Catalog Sales Get Wings, Thanks To ‘Idol’

Lyndsey Parker
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Not too long ago, Steven Tyler's fellow Toxic Twin, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, quite vehemently voiced his displeasure over his on/off/on bandmate's new day job. "['American Idol'] is a reality show designed to get people to watch that station and sell advertising. It's one step above Ninja Turtles," Joe griped to the Calgary Herald. "I'll tell you one thing, when we put this band together, this is not something that [Steven] would do. It's his business, but I don't want Aerosmith's name involved with it. We have nothing to do with it."

Well, it turns out that "Idol" isn't just selling advertising. It's also selling Aerosmith albums.

Yes, sales for Steven's band have actually skyrocketed since he first reared his little-hatted head on the "Idol" panel on January 19. So, does Joe still want nothing to do with the show?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sales for Aerosmith's best-of collection Big Ones have spiked 260 percent in the past three weeks, with sales of other Aerosmith greatest-hits compilations jumping up a not-too-shabby 137 to 147 percent. Downloads for several classic 'Smith songs have increased as well. Apparently Steven's constant singing over the contestants in the "Idol" audition room has only whetted the public's appetite for more of his ragged rawk 'n' roll vocals.

Considering that Aerosmith catalog sales were in decline prior to Steven's "Idol" debut (less than 1,000 copies per week), it's pretty clear that the fears of Joe Perry (and Kid Rock, and Nikki Sixx, and Meat Loaf, et al)--that Steven's "Idol" gig would taint Aerosmith's legacy--were unfounded.

It remains to be seen if sales for Aerosmith's upcoming new album--their first since 2004--will benefit from all this "Idol" exposure, or if Jennifer Lopez's On The 6 or This Is Me...Then will enjoy similar sales boosts. But for now, if Joe Perry is smart, he'll be changing his tune and will start talking to Fox about booking Aerosmith to play the "American Idol" Season 10 finale.

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