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“Aftermath” Gets Better: Adam Lambert Releases Remix To Benefit The Trevor Project

Lyndsey Parker
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It's amazing how one of Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment album tracks, "Aftermath," has taken on such a life of its own since FYE came out almost a year and a half ago. The original, penned by Adam with his L.A. musicians friends Ferras, Alisan Porter, and Ely Rise, was one the album's most outright rocking cuts, all showboaty '80s hair-metal theatrics straight out of "The Final Countdown" or "Eye Of The Tiger," with a little bit of emo mixed in to modernize it. So yeah, that was fabulous. And then a second, very different version came out on Adam's Acoustic Live! EP last year, totally transformed into a sweetly inspirational campfire singalong. That too was awesome.

But the latest version of "Aftermath" may be the best yet, because its proceeds are going to charity: The Trevor Project, the nation's leading support organization for LGBT youth. Now "Aftermath" is a rainbow-flag-flying disco remix, a fun floor-filler that takes the line "take a trip and fall into the glitter" to a whole new level.

The lyrics in general are heightened here, actually--while the song was originally recorded in 2009 before the "It Gets Better" movement took off, sentiments like "Wanna scream out/No more hiding/Don't be afraid of what's inside/Gonna tell ya you'll be all right/In the aftermath" and "Anytime anybody pulls you down/Anytime anybody says you're not allowed/Just remember you are not alone/In the aftermath" are now more timely than ever. Confused kids needs to hear words like these, and if they're shaking their booties while doing so--well, even better!

Adam will perform the acoustic version of "Aftermath" on this week's "American Idol" results show, and immediately after the broadcast, the song will go on sale exclusively in his official music store, with a part of proceeds going to the Trevor Project. Be sure to go there tomorrow night (Thursday, March 10) to purchase the download, and in the meantime, check out Adam's own "It Gets Better" PSA.

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