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Ageless ‘X Factor’ Contestant LeRoy Bell Offers To Post His Birth Certificate Online

Lyndsey Parker
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If there was ever convincing evidence that music can keep you young, it's the living, breathing case of LeRoy Bell--who at age 60 (yes, SIXTY) is "The X Factor's" oldest contestant, but who incredibly almost looks like he belongs in L.A. Reid's "boys" categories, not the "over-30's" group. He's basically the Dorian Gray of reality TV. 

In an ageist business like pop music, LeRoy naturally has no reason to lie about his age, if he is younger than 60--in fact, last week, he actually admitted he was still pretending to be in his forties, until this show "outed" him, so to speak. But some viewers have still (somewhat understandably) accused the ageless wonder of being much, much younger than he claims. So LeRoy now has an Obama-like plan to clear that up.

"Lately there's been a lot of talk about my age," LeRoy says in a new flipcam video posted this week. "I really am 60 years old. I was born in 1951....But there seems to be people that do not believe my age. So if I can get 100,000 tweets, I will post my birth certificate."

LeRoy later clarified on Twitter that he meant 100,000 Twitter followers, not "tweets," thus finally showing his real age by demonstrating his lack of familiarity with the youth culture's crazy new-fangled techno lingo.

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Incidentally, LeRoy has been in the music business since the 1970s, when he penned songs for the Spinners, the O'Jays, the Temptations, and Elton John. But if that résumé isn't enough proof for you, then hopefully Leroy will get to 100,000 followers soon and silence the "X Factor birthers" once and for all.

[photo courtesy of Fox]

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