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Alex Lambert Forgets The Lyrics (But Not His Swagga) On ‘Don’t Forget The Lyrics’

Lyndsey Parker
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Haters have dismissed "American Idol" as nothing more than glorified karaoke...which makes it somewhat ironic that several Idols have happily signed on to sing along to words on a video screen, karaoke-style, on VH1/My Network TV's musical game show "Don't Forget The Lyrics." But since they're competing for charity, Season 4's Bo Bice, Season 5's Elliott Yamin and Taylor Hicks, and Season 6's Blake Lewis have all willingly swallowed their pride and good-naturedly taped "DFTL" episodes, which are airing now during the series' "American Idol Week."

So last night one of my fave "Idol" alums, Season 9 semifinalist Alex Lambert, competed on the show, and the comedy ensued. I'll be the first to admit--or maybe Alex himself would be the first to admit--that his gruff and smoky vocal tone was not all that well-suited to a girly new wave tune by the Go-Go's. But Eddie Money's "Two Tickets To Paradise" worked quite well with his range, and I was surprised at how capably Alex handled Queen and Barry White hits (even if he DID forget the lyrics). Besides, the backup dancer and disco ball during "Love Train" were nice touches that distracted from Alex's short-term lyrical memory loss.

One thing I can say here: Alex now has OODLES more confidence than he had during his short run on "Idol." He may have forgotten some words last night, but he never, ever forgot his swagga. Watch his entire unforgettable "Don't Forget The Lyrics" episode below!

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