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All Hail ABDC2′s Prom Kings & Queens!

Lyndsey Parker
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I don't know about you, but my prom suuuuucked.

At the time I was caught up in a very 90210-esque Brenda/Dylan/Kelly love triangle (I'm a little ashamed to admit I was the "Kelly"...but give me a break, I was stupid and 17), and due to some unfortunate assigned-seating error, my poached boyfriend "Dylan" was seated directly in between me and "Brenda."


So Brenda shot icy stabbling glares at Dylan all night and flirted exaggeratedly with her date in an attempt to make him jealous; he subsequently GOT jealous; that got ME jealous; I marched out in a huff while Dylan and Brenda reported to the dance floor to p-push it way too real-good to the ex-girlfriend-inappropriate "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa; I sought comfort in the bottom of a bottle of Bartles & James; and all our poor mutual friends seated at our table just stared blankly down at their plates of stale Salisbury steak and prayed for this entire fiasco to come to a conclusion.

Is this TMI?

Well, I honestly would have preferred it if my school-dance soap opera had panned out more like the totally awesome prom-themed dance routine that Fanny Pak did on America's Best Dance Crew 2 last night. Sure, their punch got spiked with poison and they all went insane, but it sure looked like they were having fun.

(Maybe I should have poisoned the punch at my prom, too.)

Last night Fanny Pak p-pushed it real good, indeed...and by "it," I mean the boundary of creativity. This was not only my favorite performance of last night's "Speed-Up Challenge" ABDC2 episode (judge Shane Sparks agreed with me) but of this entire season.

And I think it firmly established this crew of prom kings and queens as the team to beat.


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