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Allison Iraheta: Live, Unplugged, And Awesome

Lyndsey Parker
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Kris Allen-vs.-Adam Lambert was the big American Idol finale story this year, and in recent weeks most Idol news has unfortunately centered on various Lambert-related controversies. But let's not forget about fourth-place phenom Allison Iraheta, people. Her debut album, Just Like You, came out this week, and although it is not expected to sell as well in its first week as the new releases by Kris and Adam, it is actually getting some of the best critical reviews of the three new Idol albums, despite her relatively lower profile.

Why? Because she can sing like this:

Yes, Allison just thrillingly performed "Don't Waste The Pretty" for Yahoo!, and as usual her pretty voice did not go to waste; it gave me and my co-workers chills and thrills. I know this is a well-duh observation by now, but sometimes it really is easy to forget that this American Idol sweetheart is only SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD. Her raspy, whiskey-and-cigarettes vocals (I don't mean that literally; I am sure she doesn't smoke or drink!) just sound like those of a real grown woman, a woman who's really lived, not a typical teenager. This effect is especially striking when Allison sings unplugged.

With a voice like this, this girl has a long career ahead of her. I've got a feeling she'll only get better with age.

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