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Allison Iraheta Rocks New Songs, Flaunts New Look At ‘Idol’ Afterparty

Lyndsey Parker
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Season 8, aka The Best "American Idol" Season Ever, seems like it was just yesterday...until you observe the evolution of that season's fourth-place contestant, Allison Iraheta. Back then, Allison was seen as the baby of the season, only 16 years old, sort of like Adam Lambert's kid sister. But now she's clearly all grown up, judging from her appearance at KIIS FM's "Idol" viewing party at downtown L.A.'s Regal Cinema Wednesday night.

Sporting a new Pegasus shoulderblade tattoo, sleek figure, and sophisticated black bob that was a major contrast to her famous rainbow-brite hair extensions, Allison was almost unrecognizable from that time in 2009 when Simon Cowell criticized her teenage fashion sense. Yes, she looked awesome then (Simon was wrong), but she looked even awesome-er Wednesday night.

And she sounded awesome too, belting out two brand-new, unreleased songs, "Love" and "Tonight." Watch her rock it below, and once again, let your brain boggle as you contemplate that this dynamite little lady only made it to fourth place.

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