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Already??? New ‘American Idol’ Season 11 Promo Debuts on Fox

Lyndsey Parker
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It seems like "American Idol" Season 10 just ended, and "The X Factor" is just getting started...but apparently Fox is already looking ahead to the next season of "Idol," as the network ran its first full-length "Idol" Season 11 promo this Sunday during the World Series.

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While Simon Cowell's first "X Factor" promo poked snarky fun at "Idol's" touchy-feely, fuzzy-sweatered ways, J.Lo, Steven, and Randy do not sling back the mud in this innocuous new clip. Instead, this is typical feelgood "Idol" fare, depicting the three judges and Ryan Seacrest parading down the streets of Anytown, USA, as a trail of aspiring superstars follow them, Pied-Piper-style, to the magical place where all their dreams can come true: the "Idol" auditions.

So, are you ready for ANOTHER season on "American Idol"? January 22 will be here sooner than you think.

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