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American Idol Gets Stamp Of Approval

Lyndsey Parker
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We may all remember the "skinny Elvis or fat Elvis?" debate that raged when The King got his likeness placed on a U.S. postage stamp. But now the new dispute among philatelists (and Idol-ists) will likely be "Carrie or Kelly?"

Yes, Fox just announced a partnership between American Idol and to release limited-edition postage stamps of all six past Idol winners (yes, even Taylor Hicks), along with a stamp of this season's eventual champ.

Which makes the recent elimination of Michael Johns even sadder for his ladyfans, who undoubtedly would've relished the chance to give the heartthrobby Aussie rocker a good thorough lickin' (sorry, couldn't resist).

This week's featured Kelly Clarkson stamp can already be purchased HERE, although I did find the stamp-sheet pic on this page a little confusing. See, upon closer examination of the shirt-and-tie stamp, I did realize it was Kelly from her famous "Natural Woman" performance...but for a minute there, I actually mistook that photo for Garrett Haley!

Hurry up and purchase your Kelly stamps, because only 2,000 stamps will be available per state. All net proceeds from stamp sales will go to Idol Gives Back Foundation.

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