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American Idol Gothic: Siobhan Magnus Returns in Scary-Good Video

Lyndsey Parker
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Siobhan Magnus--the glass-blowing goddess with the Edward Gorey tattoos, Courtney Love prom dresses, and otherworldy wail--was my favorite contestant of "American Idol" Season 9. I'm a big Siofan, as they say in the "Idol" world. And so it gives me great pleasure to report that Miss Magnus is back with a new video, for her co-write "Black Doll," that showcases her scary style and so-good-it's-almost-scary voice, just in time for Halloween.

In the low-budget yet high-tech clip (some of it was actually shot on an iPhone), Season 9's indie it-grrrl haunts Edward Gorey's historical house in Cape Cod and runs through a Grimm-fairytale forest, all while rocking a series of vintagey Victorian-meets-grunge nighties and Miss Havisham capes. In case there was any doubt that Siobhan is one of the coolest rock chicks to ever grace the "Idol" stage, this video ought to silence all naysayers.

What do you think of Siobhan's "Black Doll" video?

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