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American Idol, The Day After: Premiere Webisode

Lyndsey Parker
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For several "American Idol" seasons now, my esteemed colleague, Yahoo! Entertainment features editor Matt Whitfield, and I have spent many a morning huddled around the watercooler babbling (read: bickering) about the previous evening's "Idol" drama. We're basically the two office crazies. So this season, we got the bright idea to put our conversations on camera, online, with our craziness on full display. No, we did not eat a lot of paint-chips as children. We just love dishing about this show.

So today marks the thrilling premiere of our bi-weekly, post-episode chat show, "The Day After." For our first Idolicious gabfest, we discuss Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez's big debut and freaky evil-twin resemblance, Randy Jackson's general uselessness, whether the show can go on without Sir Simon, and, um, Yoji Pop and Ashley Sullivan.

Let the babbling begin! And come back tomorrow, and in the coming weeks, for more "Idol" dish sessions.

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