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American Idol, The Day After: Top 12 Boys Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, the top 12 "American Idol" boys performed on the big stage for the first time, and it was possibly one of the most competitive semifinals "Idol" episodes ever. Paul! Casey! Jacob! James! And, um...Jordan.

OK, OK, so not every "Idol" performance can be a surefire winner. There were a few disppointments (along with Jordan Dorsey, early favorite Robbie Rosen didn't quite deliver), but there were also some pleasant surprises, like James Durbin's metal tour de force, Brett Loewenstern's comic relief, and Scotty McCreery's Nashville-ready hat act.

So in today's edition of "The Day After," my Yahoo! Entertainment colleague Matt Whitfield and I break it all down for you, complete with Paul McDonald-inspired Western wear and a Casey Abrams-inspired melodica. There's so much to discuss, so let's get to it...and be sure to join in our convo by posting your comments below!

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