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American Idol, The Day After: Top 12 Performance Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, the "American Idol" top 12 competed, and suffice to say it wasn't exactly the most thrilling episode of Season 10. Aside from Casey Abrams's ballsy Nirvana cover and Jacob Lusk's gospel take on a Heart classic, it was downright dull. So I guess if there was one episode of "The Day After" that my Yahoo! Entertainment colleague Matt Whitfield had to miss, it's this one. 'Cause there ain't that much to talk about.

Yes, I am currently at the South By Southwest festival in Austin (SXSW reviews to come in Yahoo's Maximum Performance blog soon), and due to bad hotel Internet/bad iPhone reception/Matt's lack of access to a teleportation pod, a Matt 'n' Lyndsey "Day After" just was not possible this week. But thanks to the use of my chintzy "Idol" props, he was totally with me in spirit.

Excuse me while I go pour out some Shiner Bock for Matt, and enjoy my solo "Day After" episode below, recapping all of last night's "Idol" non-action:

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