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American Idol, The Day After: Top 3 Performance Night Dish (with Special Guest Rachel Zevita!)

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Last night, the top 3 "American Idol" contestants competed for a spot in next week's finale, and for the first time since Season 6, two of the three remaining hopefuls were girls. Unfortunately, though, one of those girls was NOT Rachel Zevita, one of the most-robbed "American Idol" contestants of Season 10 and my personal favorite female of the top 24.

But all is not lost. Since my usual esteemed co-host Matt Whitfield is out again this week, Rachel was kind enough to stop by Yahoo! to fill in for him--and fill me in on Season 10, offering the unique perspective of a singer who was actually rocking that "Idol" soundstage not very long ago.

Watch our episode filled with lots of info, awesomeness, and hats. And most importantly, full of WIN. Is it too late to bring Rachel back as a Wild Card?


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