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American Idol, The Day After: Top 5 Performance Night Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, the top 5 "American Idol" contestants performed a mix of songs from the past and present, with mixed results. And in today's episode of "The Day After," my Yahoo! Entertainment colleague Matt Whitfield and I have mixed opinions on all of the performances.

Did Haley Reinhart have an unfair advantage by getting to sing a special unreleased Lady Gaga song, or did the tune's unfamiliarity hurt her chances? Was Jacob Lusk, like, totally insane to try to sing a duet all by himself? Did Lauren Alaina step it up, or was her somewhat emotionless "Unchained Melody" not unchained enough? And speaking of emotional displays, did James Durbin's blubbering help win him sympathy, even as he lost his way vocally? And...who's IN IT TO WIN IT? We debate all this and more.

Check out our convo below--and be sure to join in by posting your comments, too!

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