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American Idol, The Day After: Top 7 Results Night Dish (with Special Guest Jackie Tohn!)

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, Stefano Langone was sent home on "American Idol's" top 7 results show. Not exactly an earth-shattering shocker of Toscano-esque proportions, but still, there's plenty to discuss today. But since my Yahoo! Entertainment colleague and usual cohost Matt Whitfield is out this week, I've invited Season 8's Jackie Tohn to be my guest on "The Day After," to bring her singular sense of humor to the show.

Just in case you don't remember the fabulous Jackie, she was the awesome fannypack-flaunting, calculator-watching, tube-topping, gab-gifted hipster chick with the big voice and big personality to match. (Enjoy her top 36 performance here.) And she's a perfect example of how any "Idol" contestant, no matter where she or he places, can rebound, since she's going to be on Kara DioGuardi's songwriting competition show, "Platinum Hit," starting next month.

Watch us chatter and prattle about her new show, calculator watches, Casey and Haley's growling, James's showmanship, her own "Idol" experience, the bias against females on "Idol," and that time she camped out in the "Idol" audition line with Pia for 20 hours. This is a must-see. How did this girl not go father than the top 36? She's clearly amazing TV.

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