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American Idol, The Day After: Top 9 Performance Night Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, the top 9 "American Idol" contestants sang the songs from the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, and while the episode wasn't exactly rockin' in the traditional sense--many of the contestants performed tunes by non-rock acts like Percy Sledge, Michael Jackson, and Aretha Franklin, and they were mentiored by the not-exactly-rockin' of the Black Eyed Peas--it was an awesome episode nonethess. And today, my Yahoo! Entertainment colleague Matt Whitfield and I have plenty of burning questions. Such as...

Was Lauren Alaina a fool to tackle Kelly Clarkson's signature song, "Nautral Woman"? Is Paul McDonald on the comeback trail, and should McDonald-endorsed cougar pins be sold as official merch on the Idols Live Tour? Should James Durbin have rocked it out more last night? Is Jacob Lusk becoming as arrogant as Ashthon Jones? Why won't someone teach Scotty McCreery how to properly hold a microphone already? And is Stefano Langone finally going home this week?

Check out our convo below--and be sure to join in by posting your comments, too!

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