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America’s Best Dance Crew = America’s Best Reality Show

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

If last night's third-season premiere is any indication, Flavor Of Love is losing its flavor. Rock Of Love 2 isn't rocking my world nearly as hard as last season did. And American Idol just had its lowest-rated season premiere in years. Clearly, reality TV is in a rut.

Until now! Because MTV's new Randy Jackson-masterminded fancy-footwork competition, America's Best Dance Crew, just aired its casting special, and judging from that two-hour tour de force...well, we got a hot one, dawg!

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Seriously, ABDC has got it all. The dancing is off the chain. Judges Lil' Mama, Shane Sparks, and JC Chasez are cool (yes, I decided JC was cool after I had a chance encounter with him at Coachella 2005 and he loudly, proudly professed his love for M.I.A. and Gang Of Four). Host Mario Lopez is surprisingly unannoying. The show is just poppin', to quote Lil' Mama herself. Or, if So You Think You Can Dance blowhard Mary Murphy was judging this show instead of Shane Sparks, she'd say watching it was like buying a one-way ticket on the Hot Tamale Train. WOOOOOO!!!!

So go to Yahoo! TV to check out videos and photos of the competing crews (my favorite is the unfortunately named but fortunately talented all-female group, Fysh 'N' Chicks), and remember to set your TiVos now.

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