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America’s Next Pop Model?

Lyndsey Parker
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It's admittedly hard to keep track of America's Next Top Model contestants, since the seemingly unstoppable show seems to start a new "cycle" about every two months.

I personally hardly remember any of the show's leggy hopefuls, save for Adrienne Curry (because she let Mini-Me eat sushi off her naked body on The Surreal Life, then got her own spinoff show, My Fair Brady, with beleaguered hubby Christopher Knight); Elyse Sewell (because she was in court recently, claiming her indie-rocker ex-boyfriend, Marty Crandall from the Shins, beat her up); and Jael, because she was batshiz-crazy and was once pushed into a swimming pool by 50 Cent.

But now cycle 8 contender Sarah VonderHaar has reared her (once-again-blonde) head, and the pixie-haired photographer/model is now giving a music a try. Let's hope she has better luck than ANTM's Tyra Banks did with her straight-to-YouTube cycle 3 music video, "Shake Ya Body."

Sarah, who reportedly has taken a very un-modelesque part-time job at Pizza Hut to fund her budding music career, is about to release her debut album, Are You Listening Now, described by as "a collection of pop anthems filled with rocked-out, unrequited love songs and slowed-down soul-searchers that mirror her extensive artistic background as a photographer, one-time indie actress, model, and musician.

Wow, sounds like heavy stuff!

According to VenusZine, Sarah was forbidden to playing guitar while she was on America's Next Top Model. Well, when Are You Listening Now comes out, we'll see if this was because ANTM producers wanted to spare viewers' ears, or because they wanted to spare wannabe pop star Tyra the embarrassment of being upstaged...

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