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An Idol ‘Twist’: Should Dee Snider Replace Simon Cowell?

Lyndsey Parker
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Many celebrities, from Jamie Foxx to Chris Isaak to Bret Michaels, have been rumored to be possible replacements for Simon Cowell on "American Idol." And now another veteran musician is volunteering for the job: metal god Dee Snider, whose new show "Growing Up Twisted" premieres on A&E this week.

Dee is no stranger to reality TV--along with "Growing Up Twisted," he's appeared on "Gone Country," "Kitchen Nightmares," "Rock The Cradle," and "America's Got Talent"--and that experience, along with his famously uncensored mouth, makes him a very promising candidate for this gig. And the curly-haired, warpainted rocker claims he'd be the "perfect" Simon replacement and would take the job "in a hot second."


"I would love to be on there," Dee tells Reality Rocks. "Those who don't know me would say, 'That guy? What's he doing on there?' But once I started opening my yap, they'd go, 'Oh, that's what he's doing on there!'"

Dee actually reveals that he was once contacted by someone at "Idol" about applying for Simon's post. "It's funny, because I actually got a call--although this wasn't THE call--because I worked with ['American Idol' production company] Fremantle when they did 'Rock The Cradle.' And one day when Simon announced he was leaving, this call came in from one of their producers. It was like, 'Dee, you should throw your hat in the ring! You'd be great!'"

Dee says his no-nonsense, we're-not-gonna-take-it attitude is just what "Idol" needs now that Simon is gone. "You know, I see Simon and I go, 'I agree with him! He's telling the truth. They're booing, but he's being honest!' Paula and even Randy were afraid to be honest, and someone's gotta tell the truth. [Simon] will be missed and I don't know what they're gonna do without him."

So, does Dee have what it takes to fill Simon Cowell's tight black T-shirt? I say, quite possibly, yes. At the very least, he should be a mentor on my long-dreamed-of Hair Metal Night next "Idol" season. Check out a preview of Dee's new show, "Growing Up Twisted," and you'll see that the man sure makes for great television.

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