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Anoop Desai: Backstage At L.A.’s Staples Center

Lyndsey Parker
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Anoop Desai has yet to be signed to a record deal, but judging from the very Dogged fanbase I've witnessed both online and at the recent Idols Live concert at L.A.'s Staples Center, there are a lot of Anoopheads out there, already waiting to buy his album.

So naturally when I sat down with Anoop backstage at Staples before the big Los Angeles show (where apparently many industry scouts were in attendance, checking out Anoop and the other unsigned Idols), I asked him about his recording plans, his devoted following, and his part in earning the whopping eight Emmy nominations American Idol scored that very morning.

For the Anoop scoop, check out the video of our Staples chat below, along with a handy transcript:

REALITY ROCKS: All right, so I've noticed from the interview I did with you before, just from the sheer volume of comments, that you have an incredible fanbase.

ANOOP: I do!

REALITY ROCKS: People were tweeting me, like, "When's the Anoop interview gonna be up?" So what is the response that you've been seeing from the fans on the tour?

ANOOP: You know, I think I have some of the most supportive and dedicated fans out there. Every stop we go to there are people with signs, and people that we meet afterwards and everything that are really excited to be there. And it's really cool for me because I get to see who voted for me and who supports me, and supported me throughout. So it's been amazing. I love my fans. They're great.

REALITY ROCKS: I think it must be kind of a bit of a relief for all the Idols, in that when they were on the program, they maybe had to do things that weren't necessarily in their genre, or were their choice, or that reflected what kind of artists they really are...

ANOOP: Yeah.

REALITY ROCKS: But on the tour, you get to showcase yourself at your best. So how does that feel?

ANOOP: It feels so much better! You know, compared to this [tour], you know, the show feels sort of like running in sandals with a limp. This is sort of what we were all meant to do, and what we all love to do, so it's gratifying and it's a lot better for us, and hopefully good things will come out of it for everyone.

REALITY ROCKS: So how is "My Prerogative" going over? I imagine when you play that onstage, that really gets the crowd going.

ANOOP: Yeah, I close my set with that, so it's a really good energy song going into Matt [Giraud]'s set, which is great. And it plays very well, it plays very well.

REALITY ROCKS: So what's next for you after this tour ends? I'm sure a lot of people are wondering about your recording plans.

ANOOP: Nothing's set in stone yet. This show tonight is actually a pretty big show, because I think it's going to determine a lot, hopefully, when I'll get signed and who's going to sign me. So I'm looking forward to tonight, and hopefully people will see that what I do onstage is unique. I mean, there's no one that, I don't think, does what I do that's in the game right now. And certainly no one that does what I do that's on the show right now. So I think, hopefully, that I'm going to stand out, and that will be a good thing for me.

REALITY ROCKS: Are you aware that American Idol is up for eight Emmys, it was announced today?

ANOOP: Eight?


ANOOP: That's amazing.

REALITY ROCKS: I think this season might be finally the season that the freakin' Amazing Race doesn't win [for Best Reality Show]!

ANOOP: Yeah, that we don't...ha, that "we"...that we don't lose. That the show doesn't lose to The Amazing Race, yeah.

REALITY ROCKS: But you should say "we," because I do think--and I'm not just saying this--I do think this was the best season.

ANOOP: Thank you.

REALITY ROCKS: And I think that's because it was the most musically diverse [season]. I don't know if you feel the same...

ANOOP: I absolutely do. It' know...each of us is very, very good at what we do. Very, very good at the styles that we do. So yeah, the show deserves it; definitely all the people that work on production and everything for the show deserve it. So I'll be rooting "us" on!

REALITY ROCKS: You should be attending! And performing!

ANOOP: I hope I will be! That'd be awesome.

REALITY ROCKS: Cool! Well, good luck tonight. I'll be in the audience. And thank you so much.

ANOOP: Yeah, any time!


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