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Anoop Desai Kills It, Is Almost Killed In Debut Music Video

Lyndsey Parker
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Wild Card Anoop Desai never got his due during "American Idol" Season 8, never quite rebounding after his popped-collar performance of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" unfairly earned the judges' wrath and put Anoop Dogg in the doghouse. But after leaving "Idol," he finally got his chance to showcase what he does best--slick, swagga-laden, Derulo-esque R&P (rhythm & pop)--on his debut EP, All Is Fair.

Now Anoop has released his first video, for the EP's title track, and it's a darkly humorous look at romance gone wrong. "The music video is a very literal take on the song," he explains to Billboard. "Basically, I'm singing to this girl and pouring my heart out to her, but every time I get to the pre-chorus, she tries to kill me in a different way. It's a little funny, but it's definitely symbolic of the feeling you have when you're trying to make things work, but every time you get close, someone stabs you in the back."

Anoop doesn't exactly get stabbed here, but he does get shot through with bulletholes, set on fire, and electrocuted. But of course, he survives every time, his preppy pink sweater barely even wrinkled. This is hardly surprising; after all, this guy survived weekly face-offs with Simon Cowell, so clearly he's invincible!

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