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Are They Here For The Love Of Ray J?

Lyndsey Parker
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I don't often use the term "guilty pleasure" when referring to the many reality shows I watch and write about. Why should I feel guilty about relaxing after a long, hard day at the Yahoo! office with a nice, brain-numbing episode of Dancing With The Stars or Confessions Of A Former Teen Idol? I have no reason whatsoever to be embarrassed.

But I must admit, I do feel the slightest twinge of guilt whenever I tune in to watch For The Love Of Ray J.

Man, and I thought the women on Rock Of Love and Flavor Of Love were tore up from floor up.

The chicks on Ray J's new dating show--Danger with her tiger-tattooed face, Chardonnay who does stripper-splits in a purple bikini on the first date, binge-drinking Feisty who seems most interested in the free glasses of champagne Ray hands out at each elimination ceremony--are so skantastic, I'd probably feel less guilty, and less dirty on the inside, just viewing Ray's sex tape with Kim Kardashian, or watching him rub up on rumored ex-paramour Whitney Houston.

Well, all of these reality bimbettes are featured in Ray J's self-explanatorily-but-questionably titled new video, "Sexy Ladies." And I find it ironic that after Ray sent home Genuine because she had acting aspirations, Caviar for being an ulterior-motived model (her photographer/manager/boyfriend advised her to audition), and Lil' Hood for rapping like a Vanilla Ice Princess every two minutes, that he elected to extend their collective 15 minutes of fame by casting all of them in this video.

I mean, if they weren't there for the love of Ray J, then why give these "ladies" more exposure?

Gasp! Could it be that Ray J has ulterior motives as well? That he also has no intentions of finding lasting love on this show (at least not until he's filmed two or three seasons), and that he too is only trying to further his career?

Say it ain't so, Ray! Don't make me feel even guiltier for watching your show than I already do!

Well, it's no shocker, really. The incredulous two paragraphs above are sarcastic, people. Duh. I don't really believe that any of the Celebreality TV bachelors or bachelorettes--Bret Michaels, Flavor Flav, Real & Chance, Tiffany "New York" Pollard, Daisy De La Hoya, et al--are actually hoping to find true love on their respective (but not respected) shows.

But I still wish Ray luck with Tattoo Face or whomever he gives that final glass of Cristal to on the season 1 finale. And I admit I'm looking forward to watching him cavort with a new cast of pole-dancing hoochies on the inevitable season 2.

Until then, I'll enjoy more guilty-pleasure viewing here:

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